Our company was founded in 2014. At the end of 2018, we changed our name to the current name KORMIO.com sro , where the owner of the company is Marcela Kubínová. We are actively involved in our online store VEMsiHO.cz with 100% natural food supplements, cosmetics and other interesting products of the Nature's Sunshine® brand.

Our company employs 100% only people with disabilities - disabled pensioners, and 31.5.2019 , our company received the status of a company with limited workplaces ( "Protected workshop" ) from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. In the future, we plan to offer job opportunities to other people with reduced working ability and provide them with a pleasant working environment and a nice financial income.

Therefore, we will be happy if you support us in this by purchasing from us , so that we can create additional jobs for the largest possible number of employees, whether with reduced mobility or other health problems. For this reason, we purchased a building in a nice environment in Hynčice u Vražného, which we are currently renovating and preparing everything for barrier-free access for our possible other colleagues, including those in wheelchairs.

Health is the most valuable and important thing we have in our lives. Nowadays, more and more people realize the value of health and are looking for an active way to maintain good health. The ever-deteriorating environment, stress, and irregular diet are the consequences of civilizational diseases . Deficiency of vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables is caused by several factors, polluted environment, depleted soil, acceleration of growth…. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement our organism with these missing substances with the help of quality food supplements . By using natural food supplements, we can add vitality to our body and maintain and prolong the quality of our health.

But how to choose the right ones?

Nature's Sunshine is the right choice. Proven quality and experience make Nature's Sunshine a trusted company recommended by millions of people around the world.

Your journey to a healthier life starts here!